Head of Sales Enablement
London - Blue Fin Building

Job Reference: --009179

Location: London - Blue Fin Building

Closing Date: 16/03/2020

Department: Sales

Division: Informa Tech

The combination to one Informa Tech Data & Research organisation brings together nearly 100 sales and customer success colleagues. Whilst the diversity of this group and the various business development functions bring with them their own strengths, there is a clear need to develop and establish common business processes and sales best practices for the new organisation.

This role will report directly to the Global Head of Sales for Informa Tech Research & Data and will be aligned to the business priorities including driving:

  • Accelerated overall sales growth to support revenue and profitability targets
  • Growth of Subscription (ACV) and one-time product sales
  • Growth of Research based consulting projects
  • Increased go to market collaboration with Informa Tech’s media, events and training businesses
  • Higher productivity and efficiency within the sales organisation


  • Designing, implementing and enforcing the adoption of sales processes to support global sales initiatives
  • Driving continuous improvements throughout all levels of the sales organisation in key competency and knowledge areas
  • Embedding Salesforce as the sales system of record and client engagement, ensuring processes are adopted to maximise system integrity and output
  • Identifying and amplifying sales best practice across the sales organisation
  • Designing and implementing a global sales training curriculum that supports the personal and professional development for sales colleagues of all levels
  • Designing and implement a comprehensive initial onboarding and ramp process for all sales new joiners including a 15/30/60/90-day plan
  • Driving innovation through better use of our data and technology to drive go to market improvements; such as win/loss trends or better lead identification
  • Measuring and guiding the programs and new initiatives of the Enablement team from inception to delivery
  • Implementing measures to drive readiness and effectives of the sales teams to meet and exceed their objectives
  • Contributing to the design of key sales events and messaging throughout the year, in particular sales kick-off


  • Sales productivity improvement
  • Sales attrition levels
  • Shorter ramp times for sales new hires
  • Increase in selling hours i.e. customer/prospect contact time (vs admin)
  • Adoption of common dynamic sales process
  • Increased adoption of salesforce and other related tools by sales as the system of continuous engagement with customers


  • Sales Leadership Team
  • Heads of Consulting, Product, Research & Marketing
  • Business Operations
  • Informa Tech Leadership team
  • Learning & Performance
  • Human Resources


Previous Experience & qualifications

  • Previous sales rep/management experience in a Research/BI/Consultancy business environment
  • Strong familiarity with Salesforce and other related tools
  • Understanding & practical experience across a range of sales methodologies
  • Process improvement methodologies (Lean, Six Sigma, Quality)
  • Project Management experience

Personal Attributes & Behaviours

  • Very strong collaborator and team player
  • Leadership by example
  • Can-do attitude
  • Highly developed communication skills
  • Motivator, energiser




This position is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this position.