Exhibition Director - Automotive

Job Reference: --008303

Location: Cairo

Closing Date: 29/12/2019

Department: IM - EMEA - Egypt

Division: Informa Markets

job accountabilities:

Key Performance Indicators

  • Achievement of event targets in accordance with event budget.
  • Key account management.
  • Regular communication & reporting of progress and results to the General Manager, both ongoing and through monthly report.
  • Visible team management and leadership (e.g. Objective setting, training assessments, coaching, feedback and appraisals).
  • Demonstration of event growth including increasing non-square metre sales.
  • Development/enhancement of event features and content to achieve & improve visitor/exhibitor satisfaction ratings.

key dimensions:

Main Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Manage Autotech and Automech exhibition teams directly
  • Work with General Manager and Business Development Manager to create valuable partnerships for the portfolio.
  • Work closely with General manager to enhance IM position in the Egyptian automotive industry
  • Identify potential growth opportunities for the current events
  • Maximise Informa’s vertical strengths and develop ideas for events in Egypt, working with General Manager on feasibility.
  • Lead the development and maintenance of a strategic plans in collaboration with the General Manager.
  • Oversee and monitor the strategic plan to ensure it is carried out on time and to budget
  • Agree the annual exhibition budget with the senior event management team and cascade this to team members
  • Ensure that the planned exhibition growth and targets are achievable with available resources
  • Be responsible for and ensure compliance with company Health and Safety standards
  • Create event content and features with the team that will ensure longer term visitor interest and or commercial success
  • Evaluate event effectiveness and recommend strategies for improvement
  • Uphold the brand reputation of Informa as the premier exhibition & events provider at all times



  • Control and manage exhibition costs within budget through monthly reviews with Marketing and Exhibition Managers
  • Liaise with the finance team to ensure compliance with event budget
  • Ensure all documentation required is completed accurately and on time
  • Track and document all revenue and cost transactions and communicate with the accounts department


  • Develop sales plan with the Exhibition Managers
  • Set effective sales targets for team members
  • Oversee the creation of an effective floorplan
  • Lead and manage the sales team through monitoring sales activities and performance in coordination with the Exhibition Manager
  • Schedule regular sales meetings in order to review performance and productivity and provide guidance and direction
  • Lead by example by bringing in sales and sponsorship deals
  • Analyse rebooking statistics and identify ways to maximize client retention
  • Strategize and produce opportunities for the exhibition teams to increase non square-metre sales
  • Provide opportunities for growth within each exhibition profile
  • Manage relationship with the ministries, government and other key stakeholders
  • Oversee the building and maintaining of customer and agent relationships


  • Develop marketing plan with the Exhibition Managers and Marketing teams
  • Create useful, internal working relationship with the Marketing Department
  • Contribute to the marketing strategy and oversee the execution of marketing plans and schedules in collaboration with the event marketing teams
  • Monitor marketing activities and ensure they are executed on time and in-line with marketing plans
  • Work closely with the Marketing Manager to design/create copy for marketing materials, websites and digital media
  • Monitor database growth in appropriate markets and feedback on improvements


  • Establish a useful, internal working relationship between the Sales and Marketing team and the Operations Department
  • Continually liaise with Operations Department with respect to floor plans and ensure client requirements are maintained
  • Closely adhere to logistics plans
  • Assist and provide support to the Operations team onsite, pre-, during and post-event


  • Ensure timely reporting to ensure any issue areas are identified.
  • Complete weekly reporting structure with the event management team
  • Prepare monthly project reports with Exhibition Managers to be presented to General Manager
  • Prepare annual event budgets and forecasts


  • Create an environment which encourages teamwork and collaboration
  • Assist in the hiring and retention of qualified and professional staff


  • Effectively manage team members which includes:
    • Setting clear expectations and objectives
    • Providing regular and structured feedback & coaching sessions to drive a high performance culture
    • Ensuring the effective on-boarding of new team members
    • Providing training and support
      • Informa systems
      • Sales effectiveness training
      • Sponsorship sales effectiveness
    • Managing the performance management process in line with company standards
    • Initiating recognition programs to reward and recognise individual and team achievement
    • Identifying team members for promotion/advancement and creating development plans with the HR team
    • Taking disciplinary action if/when necessary in conjunction with the HR team
  • Continual development of management and leadership skills.

Any other duties commensurate with the grade and level of responsibility

* Arabic Speaker


This position is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this position.