TechOps Engineer
Bangalore, India

Job Reference: BIX-ITA&-08263

Location: Bangalore, India

Closing Date: 26/12/2019

Department: IM - Technology - Architecture & Technical Goverance

Division: Informa Markets

The Role



As a TechOps engineer you will be responsible for managing and maintaining Inform Markets Infrastructure.   You will be at the forefront of our push towards infrastructure as code and will be involved in the design and implementation.   Along with designing the Informa Markets of the future you will also be responsible for the smooth running and support and monitoring of existing systems. You will also work with other teams to develop a monitoring and logging strategy for Informa Markets.


Job Summary/Responsibilities



The breadth of skills and knowledge needed to support our infrastructure is broad so the ability to quickly come up to speed with new technologies is critical to supporting the business.


With that said, some of the critical skills required on day one would be advanced knowledge of AWS services and automation tools, and other services including but not limited to –

  • EC2
  • RDS
  • S3
  • VPC
  • Route53 / Other DNS tools
  • Terraform and Ansible/Salt/Puppet
  • Cloudflare or other CDN technologies
  • SSL
  • Advanced knowledge of Apache web configs


Qualities needed for the role



  • Team Player
  • Pleasant attitude and high aptitude
  • Flexible
  • Achievement oriented
  • Passionate
  • Problem solver
  • Well Organized


Qualities needed for culture fit



  • Creative, analytical thinker
  • Able to manage change
  • Resilient and focused
  • Quick to learn/spot new opportunities
  • Experienced multitasker
  • Tenacious with a strong initiative
  • Proactive in Customer communication and status update to internal and external stakeholders

Skills required



  • Knowledge of the technical capabilities, for all area’s within the remit of this role ( AWS, Cloudflare, Terraform, Ansible)
  • Full understanding of challenges that come with running cloud-based, large, scalable, heavily used, applications
  • Strong reporting skills
  • Hands-On experience on Shell, python scripting
  • Experienced in requirement gathering, environment setup within the cloud (AWS)
  • Proficiency working in Unix/Linux environments, particularly with web-facing system
  • Knowledge of CDN technologies
  • Apache web config
  • Knowledge of DNS using BIND/Route53/Cloudflare
  • Knowledge of SSL 



  • ELK, Drupal, AppDynamics/Dynatrace/New-Relic/Datadog.


This position is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this position.