Digital Marketing Executive
London - 240 BF

Job Reference: L2B-GNAI-06980

Location: London - 240 BF

Closing Date: 17/08/2019

Department: IM - North America - Infra & Construction

Division: Informa Markets

I am responsible for increase in and of the quantity and quality of new and existing attendees and exhibitor leads by maximising the effectiveness of all digital marketing channels. I do this by increasing sales leads and conversion rates of attendees to my events through the set up and delivery of omnichannel digital marketing campaigns; including social media (organic and paid), SEO, PPC, email, web & mobile – targeting both exhibitors and attendees.


It is my responsibility to expand the use of various digital platforms and ensure they form an integral part of the brand goals. 


I am responsible for the set up and delivery of multiple email campaigns for various types of customers, exhibitors and attendees.


My responsibility is to ensure all email campaigns and communications form part of the customer contact plan and I act as the email marketing lead.


I use Eloqua as my marketing automation system, and will develop expertise in utilising the tool to build multi-stage trigger automated email campaigns and automation across channels where possible.


I create strategic goals, set KPIs and manage a robust testing programme to optimise the effectiveness of my digital campaign and track and report back how we are performing against agreed targets. I’m responsible for coming up with new and innovative ways to improve our digital marketing activities by watching industry trends and benchmarking the market. I advise the Brand Marketing Managers on opportunities to optimise the use of my channels.


I am highly technical, and I develop my expertise in the latest search management and social media engagement strategies. I work closely with paid and affiliate agencies and with the creative team to develop briefs for display ads and the creations of online assets.


I provide ongoing feedback on what works in my marketing channels to the content marketing and brand marketing teams.


I will...

Create a connected customer contact plan for an event or set of events

  • Determine and own the delivery of inbound marketing campaigns – social media (organic and paid), SEO, PPC, web & mobile – targeting both attendees and exhibitors.
  • Be responsible for creating and delivering email campaigns for attendees and exhibitors.
  • Work closely with the Digital Marketing Manager & Marketing Automation Manager to build effective omni-channel campaigns
  • Develop best practice across all digital marketing channels

My day-to-day includes...

  • Delivering the SEO, PPC, social media, affiliate and display marketing channel plans.
  • Maintaining and improving on organic SEO.
  • Co-ordinating PPC (search, display and remarketing) activity with other online and offline marketing activity as part of a connected customer contact marketing plan.
  • Managing paid and affiliate agencies, driving marketing planning and proactively achieving results.
  • Maintaining and optimising brand websites
  • Working with creatives to develop briefs for display ads and the creations of online assets needed to develop SEO performance across event and media web sites.
  • Producing multivariate tests and optimisation plans.
  • Managing delivery of the day-to-day email programme for my events.
  • Working with the Marketing Automation Manager to set up the automated Eloqua campaigns.  
  • Carrying out testing and optimising the end to end delivery process.
  • Monitoring and reporting on email effectiveness against engagement and delivery targets.
  • Monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns against agreed engagement and delivery targets.
  • Managing the digital budget.


How I know I am successful...

  • Increase in number of registration and attendees – new and returning – from the email marketing channel.
  • Increase in number of sales leads generated through marketing and increase percent of retained business from the email marketing channel.
  • Achieve customer email marketing engagement targets.
  • Performance and process improvement and successful technology adoption.
  • Increase in number of registration and attendees, new and returning, from all inbound channels.
  • Increase in number of sales leads generated through marketing and increase percent of retained business from inbound channels.
  • Achieve customer marketing engagement targets.
  • Reduce the cost per attendee / sales leads driven by PPC and Paid Social.


Knowledge and Skills…

  • 2+ years as a Digital Marketing Executive or similar role.
  • A strategic and structured approach to conducting analysis and producing reports for multi-channel campaigns.
  • A strong understanding of SEO.
  • Broad understanding of website testing principles
  • Experience creating and managing PPC and Paid Social media campaigns.
  • Experience building email marketing campaigns and audience segments with an ESP – Eloqua preferred.
  • Ability to manage social media channels for multiple brands.
  • Experience with Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.
  • Ability to embrace change in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to work autonomously and as part of a team.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong organisational skills and attention to detail.
  • Experience using the Adobe Creative Suite – advantageous


This position is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this position.