Content Director - Informa Markets Mexico

Job Reference: LON-GNAM-06937

Location: London

Closing Date: 12/09/2019

Department: GE North America - Mexico

Division: Informa Markets


To satisfy the needs of the communities in which we serve in Mexico, through the dissemination of interest and quality Content, by means of the different platforms we have, either in its face to face modality (Life Events), as well as in Digital way (Content on Demand). Be an additional revenue generator with the administration and sale of the Digital platform.



Managing Director


  1. To understand the Hospitality, Construction, Healthcare and Renewable Energy Industries in Mexico, to identify the needs of the actors as well as the Mega trends, focused on the local and International market.
  2. To develop different qualitative and quantitative research that provide us with information to generate Content, satisfy market needs, identify key collaborators as well as taking decisions about strategies and investments.
  3. To establish a relationship with Chambers, Associations, Content Contractors, Support Organizations, Institutions and the business community to institute an Advisory Board that generates, identifies and/or cures the Content Program per Industry.
  4. To identify the main hub of Content by Industry, which meets the needs of each market.
  5. To generate Content Dissemination Strategies for both the face-to-face (Live events) platform and its digital modality including: email Marketing, Website, and Social media.
  6. To supervise the Content Program that its Managers will develop both for the live event and on a monthly basis, for the Digital on Demand platform.
  7. To negotiate with Leaders of Opinion or Key Speakers to participate in our Content Platforms.
  8. To obtain the corresponding permits from the Content Generators that allow us to transmit, sell and/or publicize their contributions.
  9. To provide the necessary support to Content Developers in any form, to obtain the specific quality delivery under INFORMA standards.
  10. To supervise the adequate training to the Content Sales team about the Program.
  11. To be in constant communication with the Conferences department to create joint strategies that allow the sale of the Content.
  12. To identify Key Companies per Industry and/or combined, that may be interested in Sponsoring Content and allow with the Conferences department to manage their participation.
  13. To be in constant communication with the Marketing Department to create joint strategies for the promotion of our platforms.
  14. To be in constant communication with the Operations Department, to provide them with the necessary details for the correct Logistics of the events.
  15. To be in constant communication with the Portfolio and/or Event Directors to validate the covered needs of the market through the Content.
  16. To be responsible for the Digital Content Budget and P&L.


This position is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this position.