Marketing Executive

Job Reference: SHA-MAR-10567

Location: Shanghai

Closing Date: 30/09/2020

Department: Marketing

Division: Informa Markets

The requirement of a professional marketing executive with strong skills and to be responsible for visitor and exhibitor promotion, media relationship, promotion materials for assigned exhibitions and events.



1. To work with Project Director in formulating & executing the marketing plan. 协助项目总监一起计划并执行项目的市场推广工作;

2. Working closely with the show team to achieve assigned exhibitor/visitor attendance targets for the projects assigned. 和团队紧密的协作,完成项目的展商和观众目标;

3. To ensure completion of show materials like show brochure, show previews, invitation cards, show guide/directory, onsite show poster, Video clips etc. 确保完成展览材料,如展览宣传册、展览预览、邀请函、展览指南/目录、现场海报、视频剪辑等;

4. To produce the content of Show Websites, WeChat, Linkedin, E-newsletter and press release etc. 提供展会网站、微信、Linkedin、电邮和新闻稿等内容;

5. To lead and confirm barter agreements with selected medias and partners. 选择适合的合作媒体和伙伴并确保协议内容的执行;

6. To analyze digital marketing reports and make suggestions for campaign optimization monthly.按时分析市场推广报告并根据具体情况提出合适建议;

7. Maintain and develop existing campaign database.数据库录入及维护工作



1. Bachelor’s degree in exhibition, marketing, marketing communications, public relations(PR) or related discipline. 本科毕业,展会、市场营销、公关等相关专业优先

2. At least 3 years’ experience in marketing communications role. 三年以上相关工作经历

3. Successful working experience in marketing promotion and exhibition management is preferred 有展览会主办市场部相关工作经验优先

4. Excellent English (CET/IELTS 6 or above) in both oral and written skills. 英文书面及口语流利

5. Proficiency in PC applications, e.g. MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Acrobat 能熟练运用MS Office及PDF编辑软件

6. Strong communication and interpersonal skills 能与团队很好的沟通与协作

7. Ability to handle multiple tasks and excellent time management 良好的时间管理,能很好的处理多项任务;

8. Design and layout knowledge is a plus. 懂图文设计尤佳。