Head Of Analytics
London - Blue Fin Building

Job Reference: LBFB-BOX-09079

Location: London - Blue Fin Building

Closing Date: 29/02/2020

Department: Business Operations

Division: Informa Intelligence

Job Title:                  Head Of Analytics

Reporting To:         Head of Business Operations

Division:                  Informa Intelligence

Location:                 London, UK                         

Informa Intelligence provides market intelligence, news and analysis, bespoke consulting services, industry events and specialist online training to millions of customers worldwide through online platforms and multimedia subscription services.  We provide businesses, professionals, academics, scientists and governments with information so they can act, and ultimately make valuable and profitable decisions


To maximise the effectiveness of Informa Intelligence’s & Informa Tech’s business processes through the provision of actionable data, analysis and recommendations that enable staff at all levels to make profitable business decisions. From the CEO through to individual account managers, having the right information at the right time is key to remaining competitive.  In a multi-divisional, multi-functional and global business it is essential that staff can rely on the provision of this information and remained focussed on executing their own roles. This will be achieved by:

  • Contribute fully to the objectives of your team and achieve the personal objectives set by your manager
  • Meet the required KPIs and ensure your activity beats standards and expectations
  • Continually improve your knowledge to ensure the best support can be offered
  • Lead by example in all forms of communication
  • Act as support for Head of Business Operations when necessary
  • Being relentless in your pursuit of improvement of systems and process
  • Ensuring a strong network across Sales, Client Services & Marketing seeking criticism to positively influence our roadmap


As a digital media business in a fast-paced business environment it is vital to Informa’s future success that it is able to act with speed and confidence. This role is critical to providing Informa Intel & Tech with the analytical armoury it needs to achieve its financial goals.

Key responsibilities & activities

Data Accuracy/Quality

  • Ensure existing data sets have strong monitoring in place to constantly flag bad data and the process and accountability to clean is in place
  • Ensure new data, data sets or data sources are understood and their inclusion into new dashboards or the Redshift data warehouse is tested for accuracy and completeness
  • Working with the Senior Data Warehouse Architect & Analytics BA ensure the Analytics team understand the data available to them and produce accurate and meaningful dashboards to the business
  • Working with the major tech stakeholders ensure the accurate supply of data with any changes/addition of data are planned and tested for


Team Support

  • Ensuring all team members have all the required documentation to execute their roles appropriately,
  • Create an environment where the team are continually looking to improve and are focused on the “customer”
  • Ensure the team are engaged with key stakeholders driving out requirements and delivering insights that enable the business to make profitable decisions
  • Working with the head of business operation ensure the team deliver high quality analytics on time to an agreed schedule


Development, Coaching and Self Awareness


  • Complete any required training on time relevant to the overall performance of your role.
  • Attend team meetings and 1:1 meetings to stay up to date with the business goals and performance.
  • Develop a clear understanding of personal strengths and weakness.  Seek opportunities to utilize strengths and to improve on weaknesses where necessary.
  • Be guided as much as possible by data & business strategy


Dashboard, Development & Analytics Portal

  • Working with the system administrator and Analytics BA ensure the high availability of the Tableau server
  • Ensure ongoing monitoring of dashboards to check for performance pinch points or when dashboards are becoming less relevant
  • Create a standard of high-quality visualisations that enable the users to focus on the right details with minimal training


Training & Support

  • Create a support and training framework ensuring analytics questions and/or problems are resolved promptly
  • Create a training program that ensures new starters benefit from the range of available analytics quickly
  • Create a program to push analytics within all functions of the business, looking for underutilisation of the resource



Skills & Competencies:

  • Ability to articulate complex solutions in a simple and coherent manner
  • Strong inter-personal and communication skills
  • Outgoing, confident and engaging
  • Ability to work well independently and on a team
  • Ability to handle pressure, juggle multiple responsibilities simultaneously, and work well with a diverse customer base and various internal teams
  • Self-critical and able to take on board advice and constructive criticism
  • Presentation Skills
  • Process & customer focused



Preferred Knowledge & Experience:

  • Detailed knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
  • Strong communication skills, written and oral
  • Financially literate with good mathematical skills
  • Ability to trouble-shoot queries and problems
  • Experience working with Salesforce data preferred
  • Adobe Analytics & Google Analytics
  • Tableau or similar visualisation tool
  • Past management experience



This position is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this position.