Sales Operations Specialist
San Francisco, California

Job Reference: SFC-BOX-09227

Location: San Francisco, California

Closing Date: 31/03/2020

Department: Business Operations

Division: Informa Tech

Sales Operations Specialist | San Francisco, CA



The Processing Team gets information where it needs to go. This team monitors sales wins, email communication alerts, connects internal/external customers with the appropriate person/department, as well as manages relationships to facilitate proper and seamless handoffs.  The Processing team is seen as the ‘quality control’ team of Sales Operations. They process new contracts, process changes to existing orders, manage data control/quality, and update/audit information across multiple systems.


The Processing Team owns the inventory tracking and is the point of contact for all billing inquiries. They work with multiple teams across the organization to prepare data files and answer questions. The Sales Operations Specialist supports the Director in the areas listed above including the specific responsibilities noted below.




  • Post-Sales
    • Process incoming contracts and communication on a daily basis
    • Input contract details into the relevant systems to be shared across our functional teams
    • Help Sales Team navigate through questions and change orders as needed
    • Take ownership to manage all aspects of Inventories, floor plans and any invoicing needs
    • Monitor incoming communication including Salesforce Chatter to ensure quick follow up
  • Ongoing
  • Audit and reconcile data disparities when necessary to maintain accuracy across systems
  • Complete billing reconciliation on a timely manner to ensure deadlines are met
  • Collaborate with Sales Directors to assist with changes and adjustments on floor plans
  • Build new inventory documents in preparation for the next upcoming sales cycle
  • Assist in providing the floor plan data files for pre-show and post-show audit preparations
  • Coordinate all aspects of the post-show audits, communication and invoicing tasks in a timely manner
  • Attend meetings with Director and other team meetings, as appropriate
  • Participate to help define ways to improve systems and processes



  • 2+ years of successful administrative support/systems support
  • Salesforce knowledge and above average Excel skills preferred
  • Very comfortable working across multiple systems and teams daily
  • Able to communicate conceptual solutions to peers and management quickly and effectively
  • Must work well independently as well as in a collaborative team environment
  • Exemplary high standards of customer service, honesty, and integrity; motivated and driven to succeed
  • Highly organized with excellent ability to balance multiple projects at once while paying absolute attention to detail
  • BA/BS degree or equivalent required


This position is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this position.